Workplace Impairment

Audience: Leaders, HR, and Health & Safety Reps 

Duration: 3 hours

Overview: This course is designed for anyone accountable for maintaining a safe workplace, as it pertains to impairment-causing substances. This course equips leaders with the knowledge needed to identify and respond to possible cannabis impairment.

  • Cannabis 101

  • Legal obligations (health & safety, workplace accommodation, cannabis regulations)

  • Workplace impairment policy

  • Impairment

Intersectionality and Cannabis Bias

Audience: Leaders and HR

Duration: 1 hour

Overview: This course teaches leaders and HR professionals about the intersectionality of cannabis bias, as it relates to other protected human rights grounds.

  • How cannabis fits in with diversity and inclusion strategies

  • Intersectionality and unconscious bias related to cannabis

  • Managing cannabis related workplace accommodations



Audience: Employees

3 hours

Overview: This course is designed for all employees in the workplace. The intention of this course is to educate employees about their rights and role in maintaining a safe work environment.

  • Workplace impairment policy

  • Employee health and safety accountabilities

  • Employee role in the accommodation process

  • Explain how to make safe decisions at work

Impairment at offsite events

Audience: Employees

Duration: 1 hour

Overview: The legalization of cannabis in 2018 has brought the discussion of impairment at work and offsite social events. Alcohol is no longer the only impairment causing substance which can be legally found in social work contexts. This course teaches employees how to navigate these dynamics together, post-legalization, while maintaining their commitment to safety and respect.

  • Considering perspectives of those not consuming alcohol/cannabis

  • Intersectionality and unconscious bias related to cannabis

  • Safe consumption practices at off-sites (cannabis and alcohol)

  • Consent, boundaries, and respect


Erin is also a Facilitator on the Cannabis at Work team, delivering their Workplace Impairment and cannabis in the workplace education offerings. Cannabis at Work is a leading source in Canada for cannabis jobs, recruitment services, online industry training, and workplace impairment training.

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