It’s pretty simple. I believe that authentic learning and growth keep us sharp, engaged, and moving forward. I believe that everyone should share in the wealth of such opportunities, regardless of their gender or where they were born…

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Erin Gratton, CHRL

Erin Gratton is an independent Instructional Designer and Facilitator specializing in Workplace Impairment and Cannabis HR-related programs. Erin has dedicated the past 20 years in Human Resources focusing on employee and leader education…

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Erin has held several different roles in the fields of human resources and education. She is passionate about creating unique learning opportunities that engage learners and make an actual impact on performance. One-on-one consultation and instructional design services can be arranged for clients.


Cannabis Education

Erin Gratton, CHRL offers education related to managing cannabis and other impairment-causing substances in the workplace. Drawing from her expertise as nationally recognized human resources leader and a patient advocate, Erin provides a unique insight into Canadian legislation. Programs can be customized to reflect your company’s needs. She is available to deliver training and for speaking engagements.